Growing Marijuana In Illinois

Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds In Illinois

Growing Marijuana In Illinois

Illinois has quite a liberal stance on the possession of marijuana, introducing a medical marijuana program and decriminalization for those people caught with small amounts. Although growing marijuana in Illinois is illegal, being caught with only five plants amounts to a misdemeanor, with a maximum of one year incarceration, together with a fine of no more than $2,500. Past five plants, and no more than twenty, results in a minimum one year, to a maximum of six years in jail. While caught growing twenty to fifty plants and your rewarded with a minimum of two years, and up to ten years in jail, as well as both attracting a fine of up to $25,000.

Possessing small amount of marijuana, up to ten grams, is regarded as a civil violation only, with no criminal charges. There is however a small fine of between $100 – $200. Unlike many, so called decriminalized states, being caught in possession of marijuana a second or third time doesn’t incur more severe penalties and charges, it’s still classed a civil violation, incurring the same $100 – $200 maximum fine.

Due to the use of both recreational and medical Cannabis becoming ever-more popular, many people are starting to grow their own Medical Marijuana plants, and are searching for helpful instructions to help them to produce the heaviest harvests and best quality possible. If you are considering producing your own Cannabis we hope a number of these tips and methods will help to guide you.

Selecting the best seeds for your garden is one of the most important decisions to guarantee a successful plant and yield. Over the last ten years a lot new strains have been created a wide selection for the indoor grower. New strains have been created that remain shorter, eliminating a lot of the height issues incurred with indoor seeds of the past. While certain characteristics and traits such as bud density, fast flowering, mold resistance and increased aroma and flavor have also been isolated and developed.

Growing your own Marijuana outside is the most simple and least expensive way of growing available, with very little investment. Your selected seeds can enjoy the natural daylight and fresh air, needing just the essential minerals and nutrients to produce sturdy, healthy stems and an abundance of budding sites. As the days become shorter and the natural daylight drops to roughly 12 hours a day, the plants start to produce white hairs or flowers, forming big cola’s and swollen, hard buds. As the end of September approaches, almost all strains are ready for harvesting, providing an abundance of buds from the tall, fully mature plants.

Growing Marijuana seeds outdoors often create the heaviest, individual plant yields as the plants have had plenty of time to expand over their growing or vegetative period. Accurately forecasting the harvests an individual plant could produce is almost impossible as it will vary from State to State and grower to grower, with a large number of variables. Most Marijuana seeds are quoted with a production per square meter weight, but the yields are given for indoor grown plants utilizing techniques and methods to maximize yield while simultaneously minimizing the vegetative period to a minimum.

Many successful commercial marijuana growers grow the buds within indoor growing rooms. Growing Marijuana plants within an enclosed area provides growers a lot greater control over the plants environment, including the humidity and carbon dioxide levels, air flow and crucially, light hours. With control over the environment, indoor marijuana growers are able to flower their plants much smaller and faster than outdoor growers, and also have the option of producing many harvests per year generated from the same area.

Many Marijuana seed companies stock a choice containing both feminized and regular seeds. Regular seeds either create either a male or female plant, feminized seeds are guaranteed to only germinate into true female plants, guaranteeing that each and every seed you purchase grows into high quality buds with a worthwhile yield. If you are only just starting to grow, or those growers that only want to grow female plants, we recommend sowing feminized marijuana and cannabis seeds.

Sometimes novice marijuana gardeners give the plants far too much water and often provide them with more nutrients than they can handle resulting in slower growth and can lead to the plant dying. For those growers who may be just starting out, and using a soil based medium, it’s important that you keep the soil around the roots moist allowing the plant to feed. But, adding more water than necessary clogs up the soil, making it harder for the roots to grow, and depriving them of much needed oxygen. Overfeeding often leads to a rapid color change in the leaves as one or more nutrients are too strong for the roots to absorb and manage, often leading to a deficiency of another needed and vital nutrients and minerals.

One of the greatest tools in the Marijuana growers arsenal is knowledge. Where once growing and producing great weed was almost a secret among stealth growers, the increase and rise in popularity of the internet and the information generation has allowed a lot of these tips, techniques and methods to be passed on easily and quickly to many other growers. One of the most up-to-date sources for information available is a free E-Book download from I Love Growing Marijuana. Packed full of the very best information including how to correctly germinate your seeds, through to harvesting, trimming, drying and how to cure your weed for the best flavor, it covers all subjects and all aspects of growing cannabis and marijuana seeds. Click below to get your free copy

Choosing the best high quality Cannabis seeds is one of the most crucial choices you can make in achieving a top quality harvest of sticky, juicy buds. ‘From bad seed you can’t raise good stock’ and that saying is definitely true for Cannabis genetics. If you are looking for cerebral, happy Sativa induced buzz, planting Indica dominant seeds will only lead to disappointment, likewise, growing and tending male plants when you only wished to grow females will be extremely frustrating and very demoralizing. Ensure you buy the very highest quality seeds for your growing area, whether indoor or outdoor, to avoid poor and disappointing harvests.

Find all the best and highest quality marijuana and cannabis seeds online by clicking below. With a wide selection of the finest strains and Cannabis seeds, either regular or feminized, we recommend I Love Growing Marijuana when you are ready to buy marijuana seeds. Each and every one of their seeds are 100% guaranteed to germinate, and every purchase comes with guaranteed to almost all parts of the world. Learn more about growing marijuana and cannabis plants by clicking the link below.

Regardless of where you live, and what changes in Federal or State laws take place, rest assured you can legally buy Marijuana seeds in Illinois online.

Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds In Illinois

With reduced penalties for growing only five marijuana plants in Illinois, we recommend focusing on quality strains and good harvests. Feminized seeds are a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor growers, alternatively, autoflowering seeds can provide a faster, but similar quality harvest.

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