Growing Marijuana In Alaska


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Growing Marijuana In Alaska

Growing Marijuana in Alaska may not be the first state on people’s lips when they think of marijuana in the USA, but it should be. California may believe it’s the ‘trend-setting state’ and Colorado claim to be the state that began to break down the barriers to allow legal possession and cultivation, but in fact, both of these states are way behind Alaska in the marijuana stakes, and if Alaska was only warm and sunny, all the marijuana smokers in the USA would probably move there.

Growing marijuana in Alaska has been legal within the privacy of your own home since 1975, when the Alaskan Supreme Court upheld the Alaska Constitution right to privacy. These privacy laws were used to persuade the judges to protect an adults right to possess and use a small amount of marijuana in the home for personal use. Later in 1982, Alaska legislated for the decriminalization of possessing up to four ounces of marijuana inside the home and one ounce in public.

Marijuana, both medical and recreational has become a lot more acceptable over the last number of years, culminating in many States voting on it’s legal standing over the last quarter of 2016. Even though a number of American States have a relaxed and tolerant view on the growing and possession of Cannabis and Marijuana, other States don’t, and so you should be aware of your local State laws about Cannabis so you understand the risks.

There is an extensive and varied choice of Marijuana seeds and strains, and choosing the right seeds for planting in your garden is a major stage in producing a good quality harvest of sweet marijuana buds. As with all plants, Marijuana seeds can be grown outdoors, but a lot of the new seeds excel when they are grown indoors, generating their biggest harvests when subjected to an even twelve hour light-twelve hours of darkness ratio which cannot be achieve if they are grown outside.

In the past, Marijuana was only grown outside and the only harvests were when the plants were mature in the early part of the Fall. Many growers would sow their seedlings during the later part of Spring, after the frosts have ceased and nurture them through the Summer months, allowing the plants to develop and grow as big and robust as possible. When the sunlight hours begin to decrease, the plants began to flower and produce buds, meaning in an abundance of Marijuana during early September, and an abundance of dried buds to last the Winter months.

Marijuana plants grown outside can produce fantastic harvests, creating long running cola’s and an abundance of hard buds. It’s impossible to predict the average yields from outdoor grown plants as there are a wide number of differences depending on which part of the USA you live, North to South, but individual plant harvests will usually produce a lot more than their individual indoor counter-parts. A large proportion of Marijuana and Cannabis seed company’s show what the strains are capable of yielding, however it needs to be remembered these weights are given for indoor growers employing yield enhancing methods, and are not given for much larger outdoor plants.

Many successful commercial and ‘cash-crop’ growers generate their plants within indoor growing rooms. The advantage of growing Marijuana plants inside provides the grower much more control over the living conditions the plants enjoy, which can include the humidity and carbon dioxide levels, air flow and most importantly, the amount of light hours. With control over the environment, indoor growers are able to flower their plants much smaller and faster than outdoor growers, as well as having the capability of producing many crops each year from the same space.

Marijuana and Cannabis seeds are divided into two distinctive types regular or feminized seeds. For new growers we recommend buying female only, feminized seeds, due to the fact they generate female-only plants, and it’s the female plants which generate the buds growers want to grow, especially if you are planting your cannabis seeds outside. Nothing could be more frustrating than growing and caring for a fine Marijuana plant over the Spring and Summer, only to see it to produce pollen sacs as the plant begins to flower.

Although Cannabis maybe considered an easy plant to grow, there are a range of common mistakes that are commonly made by new marijuana gardeners. Learning about how a plant lives, feeds and receives its air is very important and often lacking this knowledge can make novice gardeners think that the more water and nutrients they give the plants, the quicker and stronger they will become. However, in fact the very opposite is true. Over-watering drowns the roots, this stops them from receiving much needed and necessary oxygen the plant requires to live. Giving the roots too much water clogs up the rooting medium, stopping the roots from stretching and growing. Providing too highly concentrated nutrients, especially during the early stages of the plants life, can often result in nutrient overdose and damaging and even killing the plant.

Understanding how and when to feed the marijuana plants to achieve the best quality, through to the precise time to cut your buds for maximum weight and potency can all be learnt easily and quickly from the free, no obligation E-Book written by Robert Bergman. As the owner and founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, and former commercial Amsterdam Marijuana grower, he knows many of the proven methods and techniques used to increase the overall yield and the quality of your weed, as well as how to avoid many of the common mistakes and pit-falls made by new and inexperienced growers. Enjoy a short-cut to the best Marijuana growing information available and download your free, and without any purchase necessary E-Book now

Receiving the highest quality cannabis and marijuana seeds direct from high quality, reputable suppliers is the most crucial decisions you are going to make as a marijuana grower. Superior genes generate high quality plants, laden with potent buds and abundant yields. Avoid the disappointment of reduced harvests, and low quality buds simply by purchasing seeds containing the best genes and highest quality cannabis seeds.

Buying marijuana seeds in Alaska can be quick, simple and convenient when purchased online. Find a wide choice of the very best and highest quality seeds all available with guaranteed delivery and germination. Learn more today and click below.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Alaska


Growing marijuana in Alaska outdoors isn’t easy, the extremely low temperatures mean traditional feminized are unable to flower and bud. Autoflowering seeds are a viable option and can produce a worthwhile harvest. Alternatively, growing marijuana in Alaska indoor offers a much wider choice of seeds and strains, each covered by the I Love Growing Marijuana germination and delivery guarantee.

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